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HR Development


Work and Learning Dual system

Training Goals
Fostering high-quality human resources who specialize in press die technology through efficient and systematic upwardly standardized on-site training

Participation Type
Individual Enterprise
Training Hours
4 Years 4800 Hours
1st Session: 7 (August 2008 – July 2018)
2nd Session: 5 (September 2015- August 2018)

Integrated Academia - Industrial Apprenticeship Training

School under an Agreement
Changwon Machine Technical High School
2 Students (March 2015-February 2017)
Job training
Machining Lev3
Training Types
Weekly Biweekly Part-Time System

Customized Academia-Industrial Human Resource Development (HRD) Project

Since 2006, we Dong Gu have run the Customized Academia-Industrial HRD Project in conjunction with Jinju Mechanical Technology High School, Changwon Technical High School, Changwon Machine Technical High School, etc.

Changwon Machine Technical High School,
2006, 2009~2014
Jinju Mechanical Technology High School
Changwon Technical High School

Internship Agreement

We Dong Gu have made an internship agreement with Kyungnam University and Inje University since 2011.

Kyungnam University
Inje University (Internships Overseas)

SME Technology Officer Development Project

Since 2000, we Dong Gu have run the SME Technology Officer Development Project in the following relationships: Changwon Technical High School-Changwon Moonsung College, Hallim Technical High School- Jeju Tourism College, etc.

Overseas Employment Track

2015, 2016
The provincial office of Kyung-Nam-Changwon Moonsung College